Love Cum Arranged Marriage

Today in India the concept of love cum arranged marriage is fast gaining popularity. The concept of love after marriage is a beautiful feeling. Our Indian society is still not so advanced they prefer love after marriage instead of love before marriage. In a married life there are different stages of love. The romantic love, which exists right after marriage is not the same twenty years after marriage. The influence of the western culture has started a new trend of dating in the metros of our country. Young girls and boys going out for date with the person they like is a hottest trend now in the cities. But this concept of falling in love is not so familiar in the interiors of our country. Still in villages people prefer arrange marriages. Even in some orthodox families in the cities people prefer to have arrange marriages. So in case of love marriages you get the time to know each other, you spend time together, you love each other and then get married but in arrange marriages it is totally a different story all together. You start loving a person after you get married. It may sound paradoxical to someone who doesn't believe in the concept of love after marriage but this is what used to happen earlier and even happening now in most of the cases. Some people even say that arranged cum love marriage is more successful then love marriage.

If we take the examples of our parents we will see that almost everybody had an arranged marriage and they fell in love after marriage. And even after twenty five to thirty years of married life they still love each other. So it's not that you can love somebody then only you can marry. You can marry and than start liking and eventually loving that person. It is how you look into the matter. It is not necessary to know a person than only you can love. You can love without even knowing. Love doesn't come forcibly to anybody it just comes naturally. For loving somebody you need to spend time together, you need to understand each other; you need to be loyal to each other. There should be commitment, trust and empathy in your relationship then only true love grows. After marriage when two unknown person start staying together naturally a kind of bonding develops between them. And when you start spending time together, understand each other's need and being more committed to each other love is bound to happen. Physical attraction or love comes before marriage but true unconditional love only comes only after long relationship. Years after marriage people love each other and this is because they have been committed to each other. Any relationship grows when you give time and effort to it. Love after marriage starts only when you think the way your spouse think. You should be his or her mirror image. So be it love or arranged cum love marriage the core essence in both remains the same that is true unconditional love.

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