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Digambar Jain Mahasamiti

On the eve of TIRTHANKAR MAHAVIR 2500th NIRVAN (Moksha/Salvation) anniversary celebration, that is in the year 1976 A.D., Late Shau Shri Shanti PrasadJi Jain of New Delhi, who had the vision of having a Parliament of Digambar Jains - which should be a true representative of the entire Digambar Jain community, laid the foundation of the apex organization of Jains pink city of Jaipur (Rajasthan - India) and named it as 'DIGAMBAR JAIN MAHASAMITI'. He envisaged it to function like Parliament of Jains.

The Objectives of Digambar Jain Mahasamiti are:

1) To assist in the nation building activities by following the three cardinal principles of Unity, Harmony and Fraternity in the society.

2) To campaign for the spread of basic principles of Jainism.

3) To guide the society in removing the social evil practice and rituals.

4) To remove the difference between various groups, sects and their organisations by exemplary conduct and behavior and to tie them in a unity-thread.

5) To assist in the preservation of historical/ancestral properties, construct and maintain temples, records surveys, publications, gurukuls etc.

6) To provide leadership and guidance in all the matters relating to the development and promotion of Jain community.

The office bearers of the samiti are:

Rashtriya Adhyaksha: Shri Ashok Badjatiya

Rashtriya Mahamantiri: Shri M.K.Jain

Treasurer: Shri Kantichand Jain (Badjatiya)

Website Committee Chairman: Shri Nemichand Jain Madiya - Life Time Smile

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