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Welcome to Franchise Program.

The program is open to all who are willing to earn something extra. You can participate in this program if you have access to computer in any way. The program is ideal for all the Cyber Cafes, STD PCO with internet connection, Marriage Bureau or if you have access to computer at your home or your office.

Benefits of the program: has just launched its Franchise program. It is such a rewarding program that you can't give it a miss. The program is mainly focused at people who are willing to work hard and have access to computer with internet connection. The best part of this program is that you are not expected to invest anything to join this franchise program.

The registration fees of Rs. 10,000 stands waived off for the first 100 registrations.

How It Works

As a registered franchise you will be provided with the publicity material and other informatory material. You are supposed to display it at some prominent space or as per your location.

The concept revolves around motivating the unmarried eligible and interested candidates to register at and become a registered paid member. For each registered member you will be given a handsome commission. The more number of paid registrations you make in a month the more extra income you can generate.

Few of our registered members are making up to Rs. 50,000 each month.

How Should I start

To sign up for Franchise Program you need to fill out an online application form. We will review your application, usually, within 24 hours and once approved you will receive an email with information on how to get started.

To start with this progam first you have to register at franchisee section.

You can also go to franchise registration form by clicking on the below link.

To create email account for your personal use.

Please be patient when entering the address information. As the screen refreshes multiple times during entry of State, City and Area Name.

Once you give all the details, your registration request will be submitted to us and a confirmation email regarding registration will be sent to your email address.

Our franchise department will check into details submitted by you. And may contact you if any further information/clarification is required.

Once your details are checked and found satisfactory your account will be activated and activation confirmation email will be sent to your email address.

Levels of Registration

At the basic level every member registered will be registered as a Individual member.

But you may also request to us for registration at higher levels.

The Levels of registration could be

(i) Individual Level : (Any franchisee is first automatically registered as Individual Member)

(ii) Area Level : This level is recommended for those who want to work for the complete area in a particular city. The Area level member may have many Individual members under them. And they will be given extra commission for each registration made by the Individual members under them.

(iii) City Level : This level is higher to Area level in the sense that, A city Level member may have one or more than one one Area level under them. This level is ideal for those, who have good network of computers in a particular city. Like you are having chain of cyber cafes in a particular city. Or you have good network of friends Or you are good at marketing and create different Area or Individual members under you.

(iv) State Level : The highest of Franchise level, who leads the team of different franchisee at different city, area and individual level. The registration to this level is strictly on reservation basis.

How to apply for Different Levels

(i) The registration to Individual level is automatic, once you fill the registration form. And your account is activated.

(ii) For Area Level registration, you are suggested to write to us on once your Individual account is activated. The details of your application for Area level should include your premises details, your business details, why you want to become Area member. And how you will manage the Area level membership.

(iii) For City level registration you are suggested to talk to Vijai Kumar Lunia on 09829098731 for further discussions.

(iv) In case you are interested for State level registration you are supposed to visit to our office in Jaipur for further discussion after fixing an appointment with Vijai Kumar Lunia on 09829098731.

Your responsibility as a Franchise

Once you are registered as a franchisee for any level. Your main responsibility will be register as many members a you can who are eligible for marriage. And to convince them to become a registered paid member.

Remember a member registered at will be considered for credit to your account only in case if he/she is registered and paid through your franchise account.

You can add (register) new member by using the

Create Screens
Add New Screen
View Screen List
Manage Screen List

Add New Screen Option under the Create Screens Option on the left side of the Franchisee Window. You can also see the list of members created by you using the View Screen List option in the same menu.


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