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Aryashaadi Business Affiliate Guidelines

To make the most out of the Aryashaadi Business Affiliate Programme, here are a few e-marketing guidelines which will not only help you get the best from this affiliate programme but will also help you in your site enhancement.

Display banners
To make sure that visitors to your site see the ads, place the banners on the home page and get the maximum number of clicks.

Choice of banners
Identify the nature of your site and choose a banner that suits the style of your site the most. If you cannot find a banner that will go well with your site on the banner list of, then you can send us the details of your site and we will make new banners according to your site's requirements.

Content that'll help you profit
Try and make the content of your site catchy, useful and rich in keywords so that it serves the purpose of visitors and also helps improve your internet ranking.

Access to search engines
The major search engines on the web are Google, Yahoo and MSN which have programmes called ‘crawlers. These crawlers scan and keep track of content present on the net.So make the content of your site rich in keywords and links that identify with This will get your site indexed by these search engines and you'll also benefit out of the Aryashaadi Business Affiliate Programme.

Simplicity & Accuracy
Visitors don't spend too much time going through a web page. So, keep content to the minimum, but be focused and precise, so that the layout fulfils the need of the user, yet does not look cluttered.

Avoid unsociable or offensive words and phrases is a serious matrimonial site and is different from a dating or friendship site. So, dont use unsociable or offensive words or phrases such as ‘hot, ‘bold or ‘sexy. However, you can use the following words and phrases to promote on your site:

  • Indian Matrimonials
  • Free Registration
  • Thousands of matrimonial profiles
  • Above 1000 photo profiles
  • Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Create an album & add up to 3 photos
  • Many Success Stories

Have patience
It is possible that that for some sites, The Business Affiliatei programme will take time to get off the ground. In that case, be patient, keep improving the look and feel of your site and keep implementing innovative marketing strategies with the Aryashaadi team. You will surely get the desired return.

Keep in touch with us
Kindly keep in touch with our customer care personnel and keep us updated about your experiences on the Aryashaadi Business Affiliate programmee. We welcome suggestions that will help us improve our services at

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